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Mynt Vision


Bringing you the future, today.

Mynt are proud to reveal our cutting-edge, working-from-home technology, Mynt Vision.

火狐体育官网The patent protected holographic device allows you to keep connected with colleagues, clients and partners in a way traditional conference call facilities cannot.

火狐体育官网Mynt Vision works in all rooms of the house, so whether you’re cooking, working out, taking a bath or shaving, you can still take part in vital conference meetings.

火狐体育官网The soft touch outer coating is sealed with an ultra-thin waterproof layer, allowing the device to be submerged up to depths of 50m.  This means aquatic enthusiasts will no longer be held back from on-the-go meetings.

“Our team is currently working from home for the foreseeable future, so it was important for us to ensure it really was ‘business as usual’ through the invention of Mynt Vision.” – MD, Andrew Patterson

View the video for more information and pricing or click here.

Mynt Vision,
火狐体育官网 Bringing You The Future, Today.

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火狐体育官网Info & Pricing.

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Mynt Vision

火狐体育官网Mynt are proud to reveal our cutting-edge, working-from-home technology, Mynt Vision. The...

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