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Mom & Me | Branding


“I want a fresh, friendly and fun children’s brand with personality and it must be accessible to all”.

What we did

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火狐体育官网Mom and Me was born out of many hours generating names and logos which would resonate with the mother and child market across Dubai and wider UAE.  The logo is, colourful, soft and friendly; qualities that are most synonymous with children ages 0-8 years.  Having generated the name and design the brand’s identity, we created a gang of animal characters that became the face of Mom and Me.  Each animal has its own unique name, personality and favourite hobbies.  This allowed children the opportunity to pick their favourite character(s) and explore the range of branded products & brand extensions associated to each character.

Marketing campaigns and on-going graphic communications take inspiration from the soft nature of the animal illustrations, using curved edges, bright colours and friendly messaging to resonate with the brand’s target audience.

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